Why We Live Here . . . It’s January and it’s 65 Degrees

Why We Live Here . . . It's January and it's 65 Degrees

We have 4 seasons here in the beach areas of Delaware – all beautiful and like children all have their own distinct personalities, but all fairly predictable. Winter, however seems to need a lot more attention than the others and with no notice will turn the toy box upside down instantly disrupting our perfectly planned day. Today was one of those days, where we wake up to a steady, but calming rain, temperature in the 40’s and by noon the sun is out and it’s approaching 70 degrees!

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The Mid-Atlantic area is not surprised by these swings in temperament by our precocious Winter, but there’s something particularly special about experiencing those outbursts on the ocean coastline – they are disruptive but they can be awe inspiring. Today was particularly fascinating with heavy white clouds that appeared to be sitting right on the water and just above were dark, swirling ominous looking clouds clearly indicating something new is on its way. So as we sit there on the boardwalk, soaking in the 70 degree sunshine in January, we quietly admit how much we love that precocious, unpredictable Winter child.


Photo taken by our own Gale DiBona who had to escape the office today and take a walk on the beach! 

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