Joan’s Book Review – The Huntress

Joan Wallace, Senior Buyers Agent here at Barbara Morales Associates in Rehoboth Beach, loves to read and we encouraged her to share her enthusiasm by sharing her thoughts (good or bad) on the books she chooses with our friends, clients and all those who follow us on Facebook and our websites.  Enjoy!  

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The Huntress

Written by Kate Quinn

Review by Joan Wallace

This is another book of historical fiction, a category I seem to like.  Book is set in the early 1950’s though it jumps back in time to WWII and is centered around three characters – Jordan, a budding photographer growing up in Boston; Nina, a female Russian pilot;  and Ian, a Nazi War hunter.  All three characters experienced WWII from different points of view and the story revolves around finding a Nazi murderess.   All of their lives converge at the end and they find the satisfaction all were searching for.  Particularly interesting is the historical research that went into this book, especially the tale of the Night Witches, the female Russian pilots during WWII.

Very interesting read.

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