Ray & Gina, Lewisberry, PA

Thank you for representing us on both deals! You and your team are real professionals. Your experience in helping us navigate through the twists and turns was invaluable. Gina and I are looking forward to great times in Lewes with the kids and grandkids, while still in close proximity to our favorite RB attractions!  Hope to see you this summer. A special thank you from me too! I know Ray handled most of everything but your team help to keep him somewhat calm which made my life much easier! After seeing how unprofessional a realtor can be, I feel blessed that all of you were representing us!

Cathy & Edward, Newark, DE

Rick was knowledgeable, responsive and very pleasant to work with.  We felt fortunate to have him working with us.


David, Rutledge, PA

Joan was very good and professional.  Did a good job, the other agent was very bad.


Celine & Timothy, Goshen, NY

Joan went above and beyond to help us.  We have talked with Joan for over 2 years.  She was always available and followed through – even after our closing.  We are very grateful.


John & Lisa, VA

Where we think Rick really excelled was his communication and follow-up.  With him we knew nothing was falling through the cracks.


Mary, DE

Joan Wallace is outstanding not only as a real estate agent but as a person. Joan made my move possible for me. She is extremely efficient & diligent . . . A true asset to Berkshire Hathaway. I am an extremely satisfied customer 🙂

Jeanne, MO

Rick did an excellent job selling my home and holding my nervous hand throughout the process and along the way we have become friends.

Bob, NM

Babs – I’m sorry I forgot to thank you. I don’t think we could’ve had a better agent. I had a good feeling about you from the start. It was great to have you in our corner. You were there whenever we needed an answer to a question. Very knowledgeable. Thank you so much.

Roger & Linda, PA

Several years ago, we first started looking for a home in the Rehoboth Beach area. Rick took us out the first time, and we were immediately impressed with his skill set and local knowledge of the RE market. After several bids on several homes, we successfully bid on the home we now love. Any ordinary real estate agent might have given up on us over the 3-year period. But not Rick. He stayed with us, and throughout, was a top-notch negotiator getting us an excellent price (As an attorney, who negotiates for a living, that really impressed me). Rick never let us down, and always kept us timely informed on events. I would highly recommend him to any prospective buyers/sellers in the area.

Walter & Louise, DE

Rick was beyond patient with us as we stepped into real estate for the first time in 12 years.  What a difference!  He by himself shielded us repeatedly from a contentious buyer who was highly needy and self-centered.  Thank God for Rick!  We owe him our sanity.