Why We Live Here . . . Cape American Beachgrass

Why We Live Here . . . Cape American Beachgrass

Stroll up and down the boardwalk in Rehoboth and you will view a close up of greenery along the beach.  This grass serves a significant purpose in our little beach towns to preserve our homes, our businesses and our way of life.

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Cape American Beachgrass is mostly found along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and has been introduced to the Pacific coast, as well.  The beachgrass is imperative to preserving sand dunes which are the first line of defense during coastal storms.  Sand Dunes absorb wave energy and act as “sand banks” to replenish eroded beaches. Beachgrass helps to build, expand and stabilize the dunes by trapping wind blown sand.

Volunteers are encouraged to help plant beachgrass annually, to replenish and restore the ground cover and protect the sand dunes.  At the very least, we can spread the word about the importance of Cape American Beachgrass and ask friends and family to stay off the dunes. (DNREC)

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Photo Credits: This photo was taken by our own Angela Yerton.  When she was in grade school, she volunteered and alongside her peers and her father, a Cape Henlopen High School science teacher, planted beachgrass.