Why We Live Here . . . Kings Creek Country Club

Why We Live Here . . . Kings Creek Country Club

It’s a warm, summer day and you are driving south on Rt. 1; past the outlets, creeping along in traffic that is travelling at a smooth four miles per hour between traffic signals.  Only a mile and a half farther and you are at the ocean but you decide to turn off the highway, stop to refill the tank, stretch your legs and let the pooch go for a walk.  In this quiet moment, you notice road signs that you never really paid attention to before and decide that this is the day you will finally “turn down that road to see what’s back there”.  You gather the family and the dog in your car and start on the new adventure.

Explore properties For Sale in Kings Creek Country Club and the surrounding area.

 You drive through the entrance, wave to the friendly guard in the security booth and admire the beautiful tree lined streets.  You remark to the family that it is incredible that a neighborhood this close to the outlets and the highway can be so peaceful and serene.  The tour continues along Patriots Way, beyond the gorgeous homes on large properties and enter the spacious lot at the community’s country club.  The kids are excited to see other children playing at the pool.  You and your partner are happy to see other families and adults of all ages engaging at the club, golfing and playing tennis.

The journey continues with a drive around the community on Kings Creek Circle and everyone marvels at more lovely homes, the scenic views and enjoy seeing the friendly faces of homeowners, waving as you pass.  This neighborhood is intriguing and you must get more information.  Fortunately, you subscribe to the monthly newsletter emailed by Barbara Morales Associates and you contact the team to learn about current properties for sale and comparable properties sold in Kings Creek County Club. 11 Patriots Way is available.  You schedule a viewing and decide that this is the year you finally learn to golf.

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